Privacy is at the core of our services.

Hello, this is Peter Cunningham. I am the founder of Kinscape.

Social media today are very much like public spaces; streets, stores, stadiums, etc. with crowds that jostle you, entertain you and help you catch COVID or the ‘flu if you are not careful.  But when you go home or to your office or club and shut the door, you’re in your private family or community space. Kinscape is developed to be your electronic home, providing you, your family and communities with a private electronic space and the tools to use it. 

Unlike social media, in Kinscape you are in control; this is key to your privacy.  You decide who can enter the door. You decide who can contribute their stories, photos etc. and can help with your stories too where you allow it. Others can be guests that can read but not contribute content. 

Our relationship is private, just between you and Kinscape, no one else. In Kinscape, you are not the ‘product’.  We do not collect personal information other than your name and email address. ​We do not serve or allow advertising; we do not sell your data/email address and we do not track you for advertisers or other apps.

In Kinscape, you own the stories and material provided by you and those you have invited to join you. This is your private property.

Kinscape can be your electronic home. We hope that you will use it and enjoy it and that it’ll help bind you to your family, friends, and communities.

Peter Cunningham
Founder and CEO of Kinscape

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