Kinscape Education

“A unique, secure system for parents to create and store personalized educational records for their children.”

At the touch of a button…

  • Build, preserve, and access your child’s academic record
  • Organize details in year-by-year Stories
  • Build content in Chapters and paragraphs
  • Attach documents, images, video, and record audio files
  • Invite others
  • Get your student involved!

No more stacks of paper, folders, boxes, and bins!

Getting Started

Create the Student Profile

Start by creating your Student Record Profile.

In this profile, describe your featured student, upload a favorite photo, and list the records you plan to keep. This profile forms the foundation for the preservation of your student’s records.

tip! Photos with captions are a great way to add color and context to your profiles and stories.

Divide Student Record into Stories

Your student’s records are neatly organized as stories, which you update on your own timeline.

We set up four stories to get you started; each encompasses a grouping of your child’s school years: Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. You can use these or create your own!

Before you know it, your collection of details will become a complete and compelling record of achievement.

tip! Suggested chapters are included in your Kinscape Education membership.

Build Your Support Team

Invite others via email to join your support team! These members join at no additional charge:

  • Your featured student
    The student whose records you are keeping! Regardless of age, their Kinscape Education account can help to build confidence, recognize achievement, and inspire motivation.
  • Co-parents, grandparents, or other family
    As the admin, you can invite others with ‘read only’ privileges or grant full access. You set the roles. Either way, your student will feel the love and support.
  • Teachers, advisors, counselors, or monitors
    You may add or remove members at any time.

tip! When possible, document your Student Record as it happens in real-time.

Preserve the Student Record

Each unique Student Record Story has a title, cover image, description, and table of contents.

Upload files and photos, or use our simple text editor to give context to the records. You can even record audio or upload a video to archive an accomplishment!

tip! The more often you update, the more accurate your records will be.

Enjoy Instant Access

Kinscape Education gives you instant access to your student record information.

If your child is changing schools, applying to college, or any other scenario – everything you need is immediately accessible in your Kinscape Education Student Record.

No more hunting for transcripts, searching through papers and archived boxes, and making endless phone calls asking for past details. Your student’s comprehensive records are available at the touch of a button when needed, and you deserve the peace of mind, knowing you are prepared. Well done!

Tell your Child's Educational Story with Our Unique Record-Keeping System.

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