kinscape philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Kinscape, we believe that the heart of a successful social network depends on people – not intrusive ads, targeted deals, or tracked data. So, we designed a whole new social network based on respect for privacy and safety. Welcome to Kinscape.

Kinscape is a private, secure space where you can build your online network, post about precious moments or exciting plans, and share your personal stories with people you know and trust – and without fear of strangers lurking, or your online behavior being captured and exploited.

Ad-Free Business Model

Have you ever felt as though you’re being stalked on the internet by ads? Truth is, likely you are. People-profiling and ad-tech businesses use online surveillance tools to make billions of dollars each year, arguing that you’re getting something “for free.” Kinscape takes a different approach.

Kinscape gives you 100% ownership and control of the content you upload. Only you determine who’s invited to join you and what aspects of your online presence they’re able to see. Since Kinscape is ad-free , no greedy advertisers can hi-jack you content space or access your data. You’re in charge.

kinscape principles

Principles You Can Count On

You choose what to share and who to share it with. Kinscape will never sell or share your data. Your privacy is protected and your data stored securely. You can upload or download any content at any time.

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