Your Private Social Network

Build Private Communities

Share Life Experiences Safely

Celebrate the Stories

Are you Ready to Create a Legacy?

Here are a few examples of how you can use Kinscape.

build communities

Connect through Communities

Build Communities and Invite the People You Choose

share memories

Share Life Experiences

Tell your Stories, Hear the rich Stories of Others, or build Stories Together

celebrate stories

Express Yourself in Safety

Write your memoir, share adventures, tell Stories in a Private Space

Your Truly Private Social Network

No advertising, no third-party data share, no tracking. Build private Communities to connect with only the people you choose.

You are in control.  We keep you safe.

  • We protect your privacy and keep your data secure
  • You decide who can see your content
  • We provide easy tools to help you tell your Story
  • You enjoy easy-to-use features such as short- or long-form Story generation, voice-recording capability, photo collage upload, video and more
  • You send private messages to your Community Members
  • We provide Private Vaults for safe media storage
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private social network

Connect with Others, Express Yourself and Preserve the Stories in the Safety of Kinscape!

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