Why You Need Kinscape Education and When to Start

Organizing your student records does not have to mean piles and stacks of papers, bins, binders, or indecipherable computer files. Kinscape Education provides a record-keeping and story-building platform enabling parents to capture, organize, and safeguard the story of their child’s educational journey in real time!

+ Why do I need to keep student records?

Q – “I always thought our local school district was keeping my student’s records?

Most school districts have developed systems for in-house parent-teacher-student digital communications. These systems, known as Student Information Systems (SIS), are built to manage in-house student data, including but not limited to registering students in courses, managing homework, and providing test results. This information will probably stay with your child as long as they are at that school. However, the commendations, teacher notes, writing samples, and so on may not get saved for future access once the student enrolls in another school. Most schools keep only attendance records and final transcripts, which is not a complete educational history.

In fact, the most helpful data we should keep and store are not even a footnote in school files. This information includes reading lists, community service, chess awards, sports, music recitals, and art projects. All academic and extracurricular activities and achievements are vital to creating a healthy private school, college, or scholarship application.

An Academic Record-Keeping System You Own

Kinscape Education is an over-arching student record-keeping system that you own. Your records stay with you when your child moves to a new school or graduates. You decide what records, files, essays, videos, and photos to keep and control who sees them.

When parents take ownership of their child’s student records, they can move towns, switch school districts, graduate into a new school, homeschool, or any number of combinations, and still have every detail they need for their child’s success.

Parents must and should retain their own students’ records.

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+ When should I start my student’s Kinscape Education account?

Q – “My kids are in elementary school; is it too early to start record-keeping?”

Student records with Kinscape Education are all-encompassing from early pre-school through college and beyond. Each child will benefit from having their own account, which will be updated (by you!) as they grow.

Early Childhood

Many families start their Kinscape Education account when their child starts daycare or pre-school. Begin early for the most comprehensive records and the chance to publish an impressive, complete book. This may sound a bit young, but this prompt start will build the foundation of good record-keeping throughout your child’s educational journey. Plus, you won’t miss a milestone or early memory…

Elementary and Middle School

If your student is in elementary or middle school, then start right away, even if it’s mid-year. There’s no such thing as a wrong time to start, and when applications for private high school or college come around, you’ll be glad you did!

High School and Beyond

These records will contain essential information for higher education applications and posterity. Your older student can help you maintain the records and can eventually take them over altogether. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to get started.

The reality is that student records encompass way more than just attendance and final transcripts. Keeping your student’s records creates a digital, printable, tangible, and shareable history of your child’s educational, athletic, and artistic journey. Should you move to a new town, you take your student records with you… because they are yours, and you own them!

Due to the endless benefits, your child’s Kinscape Education account can start as early as you want. The earlier, the better.

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