The Best Instagram Alternative in 2023

Love it or hate it, the social media platform Instagram certainly has seen its share of critics over the past few months. From concerns over data protection to dissatisfaction with feature updates, social network fans and influencers are constantly on the lookout for more engaging alternatives. So what are the options when it comes to photo-sharing platforms, and why are some features an immediate hit and others an embarrassing flop?

What is Instagram? 

First, let’s take a brief look at Instagram’s history. With its origins in Silicon Valley, Instagram was launched in October 2010 as a photo and video-sharing social media application. Within two months, it had over a million users, and by the time Meta, the owner of Facebook, acquired Instagram in 2012, it was worth over $1 billion.

Clearly, social media fans love sharing photos and videos, especially when a picture says a thousand words—or more—and can attract instant attention from other fans, photographers, and friends without necessarily having to come up with a clever intro or snappy introduction, story or verbal explanation. People love the ease of snap and share from a smartphone and Instagram also offers features such as editing tools, filters, and video carousels.

But Instagram has also been the portfolio for professional and amateur photographers alike, people keen to show off their ability to take the perfect picture, display their art, attract followers and fans, and take pride in their work. 

Although the Instagram app focuses primarily on sharing uploaded photos and short videos from mobile devices, a desktop version is available includes many of the mobile app features, and is often the preferred photo sharing platform for these more serious and professional photographers who want to use high-end editing applications before sharing their work.

What to look for in an Instagram alternative

So why would you want to look for an alternative to Instagram? There’s been a lot of online complaints about the number and type of ads that both Instagram and Facebook have been showing on the platform. Accounts that are followed but rarely showing, hashtags not showing while suggested posts and sponsored ads that pay extra for massive reach, crowd feeds. The result is a diluted and inferior user experience, and no longer a simple photo-sharing platform, which is what attracted so many users to Instagram in the first place. 

Plus, many users have become frustrated with the flurry of new features that seem to be geared toward entertainment and competing with other social media networks, rather than usability and engagement in sharing photos and videos with friends and family, or showing them off for the world to enjoy.

When looking for an alternative to Instagram, it’s important to consider the features and format that attracted you to the platform in the first place. For many people, there’s nothing like having complete control over how your photos are hosted and managed. No ads, no distracting recommended posts, no distracting or complicating features—just simple sharing with the connections you choose.

You might also want to think about how you can arrange your photos. Rather than a running newsfeed, would you prefer to put them in folders so they’re clearly labeled and easy for you to sort and for others to find. 

Are you comfortable with everyone commenting on your content? Being able to easily turn the comment section on or off depending on audience, may be something worth considering

Storage is also an important consideration. As an archive, many social media platforms are an unreliable form of storage, with unpredictable changes in features and timelines that are difficult—if not impossible—to navigate. Many people have photos and videos stored in different ways, such as in the cloud, on hard drives, and even within certain applications themselves, but then struggle with access and resolution issues.

What is the best alternative to Instagram?

If you’re on the lookout for a good alternative to Instagram that lets you build and connect with the communities you choose in a safe, ad-free, secure environment, then take a closer look at Kinscape.

We designed Kinscape with shareability, connection, and privacy in mind, from the ground up. We also researched the networking features that are most important to our members, including:

In addition, Kinscape gives you a lot of flexibility to share your content—whether it’s photos, videos, screenshots, memes, PDF documents, and more—all from any device in a user-friendly interface. Here are just a few of the features that we think make Kinscape the best alternative to Instagram:

  • No ads, no clickbait, no tracking: Since Kinscape is a subscription-based membership, we tier our pricing structure to suit your needs rather than selling your data to the highest bidder through targeted advertisements or recommended posts. Membership starts with a free option, and you can pay a small monthly or annual fee as your use of Kinscape grows, without fear of having your data exploited or sold.
  • 100% control of your data: Every feature in Kinscape comes with an option for you to share if, when, how, to whom, and where you choose. Just you, no one else decides who to share your data with or what data to share with you. If for some reason you feel as though you’re seeing too much of someone else’s content, there’s an easy-to-adjust setting for that.
  • Create communities of any size: Communities in Kinscape can be as small or as large as you like, and you can have as many as you like under our membership scheme. Family, close friends, local clubs and associations, school and extra-curricular groups, work colleagues—the options are endless and designed to cater to the communities you interact with separately in your daily life, while keeping them separate for you.
  • Create stories and build legacies: There really is no true alternative to the story feature in Kinscape, as it gives you the flexibility to create posts that are as long or as short as you like, contain various types of media as mentioned above, and can be organized in folders or chapters in whatever way suits you best and helps you tell your story. Again, you choose who to share your story with—you can even let them collaborate in building it, and then publish if when you choose.
  • Stay in touch with private messages: Our messaging feature lets you stay in touch, ask a quick question, or reach out to your communities at any time in a totally private and secure setting. And you don’t have to worry that if you ask cousin Susan about her baby’s diaper rash, you’re going to start seeing ads for diaper cream in your newsfeed.
  • Store important data and content in your own private vault: Another popular and unique feature in Kinscape is its private Vault where you can safely store your online content. Kinscape automatically stores the content you upload into your communities here, but you also have the option to upload other precious digital items, such as photos, PDFs, videos, voice files, and more. It remains accessible at all times, but safe and private

We understand that it can be quite an undertaking to change your preferred social media site for photo sharing and building new communities, but Kinscape makes it easy. Learn more about our easy-to-use features and how Kinscape may just be the alternative you need.

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