Privacy is at the core of our services.

Hello, this is Peter Cunningham. I am the founder of Kinscape.

Just as with your home, there is a need for an electronic place where you can go in and close the door to outsiders. Kinscape Communities can be your electronic home, providing you, your family and communities with a private electronic space and the tools to use it. 

With Kinscape, you, the subscriber, are in control; this is key to your privacy. You decide who you trust and can come into your Kinscape home; you decide whether they will be an active member or a guest.

Our private relationship is just between you and Kinscape, no one else. In Kinscape, you are not the ‘product’.  We do not collect personal information other than your name and email address. ​We do not serve or allow advertising; we do not sell your data/email address and we do not track you for advertisers or other apps.

In Kinscape Communities, you and those you have invited can develop and share privately the important records, stories, philosophy and memories for your family or community, that can be an event (think World Cup), club, team, organization, hobby, or any social group. The stories and other content such as photos, documents, interviews, etc. are stored on cloud systems using encryption. Only you and those you invite can access them. They are your private property. 

For even more privacy, Kinscape Communities provides you with a personal space that only you can access. Here you can keep your diary, personal philosophy, goals and ambitions, personal feelings and other things that are yours alone. You can use this space to privately develop drafts of stories or other communications. 

Kinscape Communities provides you and your family or community a private, secure electronic ‘home’.  We hope that you will enjoy using it and that it will help bind your family, friends, and communities together.

Peter Cunningham
Founder and CEO of Kinscape

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