where you can build Communities of People
and Share whatever you want.

A Private Social Network Like No Other

With invited Family and Friends to share personal Life Experiences, Family Lore and History, Achievements, Photos, and Videos of moments to remember through Family Stories. There are no “public viewers” and no “tracking” of your Family Life. It’s a safe space.

With Co-Workers and Teams to exchange important data, budgets, schedules, ideas, plans, and achievements through Organized Private Communities, Stories and Private Vault storage. It’s a private place to create and collaborate.

With People You Choose without restriction. Any topic, any audience, any data format is available to you via Kinscape. Write Stories, upload video or audio recordings, or any sort of document or records. You own and control your data.

Share ideas and personal information with People You Trust in a safe space free of “unwanted eyes”. Perfect for development of a new book idea, new product development, organizational planning and strategy, family medical histories and experiences. It’s all private, secure and safe.

Need a place to create For You Alone? In Kinscape’s “My Personal Space” you can keep a private online diary, draft that book you’ve been wanting to write, keep your own medical records or create any content that you wish to keep to yourself. This content is “for your eyes only.”

Why You Need Kinscape Communities

Several platforms say your content is private and you are in control. But don’t be fooled – you are by no means in full control or enjoying any kind of true privacy. Algorithms are tracking your content and watching your every move. Then ads are sent to you (in any number of platforms) related to the content you added just five minutes ago!

Many tell you that you are in control of a group you create. Yes, you have some control in the management of your group, in other platforms, with unending options to set privacy preferences giving you the “perception” of privacy and control – but the reality is the groups you set up there are built on top of a non-private foundation. Algorithms are still tracking your content and watching your every move and all the actions taken by the members of your group.

Kinscape Communities is a new kind of private social network – it is truly private. Each Community (or group) that you create is unique and separate from any other group. No algorithms (or even real people) are tracking or watching your content – so you’ll never see any Ads on other platforms resulting from information posted in Kinscape.

You, as the Administrator of the Community, are in full and real control. If you find that someone has written content in your community that you find distasteful – you can edit it, delete it, or you can oust the member of your group who wrote it! Only you, as the Administrator and creator of the Community, have this power.

You and your friends don’t need to switch services. You can add Kinscape Communities to your toolbox of services. For example, if you are using Facebook (or other services), you can post a link to Kinscape Communities right there. Your friends can simply click the link and join you in Kinscape with a simple tap!

Additionally, you can download a link to Kinscape to your mobile phone, giving you direct access to Kinscape with single touch.

In Kinscape Communities, everyone who joins you must be invited by you. It’s easy to send invitations to the people you choose. Once they have accepted your invitation and are a member (free of charge BTW), they can click on any Kinscape link you post to another service and they will be taken directly to your private Community. It’s simple one tap access from any other service you may be using. So no need to switch from the services you currently use.

Build private Communities, share Stories, and keep important moments organized and secure.

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